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*" I had a great experience with the 90 day transformation, more energy, more focus, better sleep, and great ideas for good healthy meals. I couldn't recommend a better investment!" ~ Ben G

*"This program has really turned around my awareness about healthy eating and living. It was a great eye-opener and education between fact and fiction concerning eating habits in the American diet. I felt more energetic in my daily activities and more positive in my attitudes. What surprised me was that it really was not difficult to give up certain foods because there was always a healthier alternative. The 7.2 shakes are a lifesaver in a busy lifestyle without the guilt. When I had my physical four months into the program, the doctor was impressed. First, my blood pressure had dropped from 144/80 to 128/80!! Second, my heartbeat dropped from 100 beats/minute to 79 beats/minute. Third, the oxygen level in my blood increased from 95 to 98. Last, I reached my weight goal, and my stomach is flat (not bad for a person turning 69 this year). Thank you, Alina, for making a difference in my life!" ~ Susan

*“This program helps you nourish yourself and build your self-confidence. Alina helped me understand my biggest “enemy” is myself; she helped me understand what I need to do/change/adjust towards becoming a better me. She gave me solutions and options to achieve my goals. She helped me understand how important my well-being is to being a successful and happy individual. To best describe my overall “Aha!” moment for this program, I chose this quote:

 “ You can’t pour from an empty glass!” ~ Sanda

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Is your goal to lose weight, gain energy, control stress, or just engage the wellness within you so you can step into your light and feel more vibrant? Let me help you with a customized program that fits your unique body.

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​​​​​​​Transformational Health Coaching

Transformational Health Coaching is all about enabling healthy habits that last a lifetime. Step by step I will be there with you on the journey to better health, holding you accountable and providing you the support you need. As a result you will begin to behave differently without having to remember to be different.

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90 Days Total Energy Transformation

How to significantly improve your energy and overall wellness in 90 days. I am not trying to fix you on the spot with advice, but guiding you to connect with the truth of your body.

Common "side effects": weight loss, improved mood, new level of harmony in your relationships.

​​​​​​​​​My Vision

My VISION for you is that WELLNESS is within YOU, just like a pearl is inside an oyster! It takes effort and patience to break the oyster open and free the pearl. Your health and wellness is that precious pearl! I am here to help you break the “oyster” and whatever keeps you back from getting that wellness that is within you into the light: unwanted behaviors, bad habits, personal struggles. 

​​​​​​​Wellness Within You 

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